Friday, April 15, 2016

April 15, 2016 - Class #12

We had lots of people join the Hall of Fame over spring break.  Good work in not taking a break on your goals!

Congrats to all of you who are "taking charge" of your life.  You wrote your declarations, now say them every day!   If you haven't yet written your personalized declarations, you can still do it!  

Today we talked about creating an AM and PM schedule for yourself.  In the morning, follow a routine of 5 things you'll do every day that will set the tone for your day.  In the evening, follow a routine that will help you shut down your brain so you can have restful, recharging sleep.

Ideas for AM: 

Listen to talks
Eat Breakfast
Vision Board 
Take Vitamins 
Brush your teeth 
Listen to 

Ideas for PM: 
To-Do list - write 5-6 things that are priorities for tomorrow 
Take vitamins 
Read  (choose the right kind of book) 
Wash your face
Brush  your teeth 

Brainstorm ideas for your routine on the brainstorm page.  

Once you decide what you want to do, you track it on your weekly tracking card.  There is no one measuring this, you don’t have to get 28 days in a row (unless you choose it to be a goal.)   You are creating brain proof when you check off the boxes, and you are also noticing patterns of what you do well, and what you can improve on.  It’s not to beat yourself up, it’s to help you improve - so you celebrate any successes you get.  

In the "I AM" section, write a word that describes who you are.  You may decide to write a different word of the week, or keep the same one.  Print out extra cards so you have plenty.  
Create a new AM/PM routine card every Sunday night.  You’ll want to adjust as needed.  Maybe you find you aren’t ready to add a new routine, so either replace it or reduce it.  For example, maybe you say you’re going to read scriptures for 30 minutes, but you aren’t even in the habit of doing it yet.  Just do 5 minutes.  You may find that you really don’t need to put “Brush my teeth” on it because you’ve done it for 10 years and it is a habit.  (I do however, always put prayer on it.)  But sometimes you want to put things that are a little easier on it to start building that accomplishment energy. 

Our brains LOVE consistency.  So what are we consistent in?  Create consistency in the right actions on purpose!  As your brain sees you having consistency it creates discipline it builds your confidence, it gives you power.  It supports you in your transformation to become the person you were meant to be.  

FINISH The Other Side of Heaven for class discussion next week!  

Write your declarations.  Who will be the brave souls to share?  

How is your vision board coming along?  

AM/PM Routine 

WIN & PWR goals! 

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