Friday, March 25, 2016

March 25, 2016 - Class #11

Are you still moving on your 28 days?  Don't slow down now!  We have a lot of people still going, and some who have gotten their first 28 days.  They didn't give up and neither should you!  Check it out in the Hall of Fame.

Do you picture yourself as a hero?  Since you create your self-image, create a really good image in your head of who you are.    You are someone who listens to the call to action and then you act.  You are good, you are powerful, you love people.  You have greatness inside and you act in alignment with your values.  You accept yourself as you are, and  you accept others.

Do you apply the hero cycle in your own life?   This occurs daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and in our whole life.  When you see this pattern in your life, it makes it much easier!


1. Ordinary - you start with an ordinary person, unaware he has great power to make a change.  

2.There is a call to action.  Something changes, and the hero realizes that he has a choice to make.  The action involves doing something hard, that will change him and help others.

3.  Refusal - The hero feels fear.  He doesn’t feel like he can accomplish the task at hand.
If our hero stays in this space, he isn’t a hero.  If Bilbo Baggins stayed home to eat soup, the Hobbit would be an incredibly boring story.  Yet he does have that adventurous side of his family!

4.  Commitment - The hero leaves the comfort zone and dives into the adventure.

5. The journey - the hero finds a mentor or mentors - someone who has been there before, who believes in the hero and helps the hero find the answers he needs.  Along the way, the hero hits roadblocks in the form of temptations, tests and traps.  He also finds allies in other people who have similar calls to action who can help him overcome.

6.  Major challenge - near the end of the journey, the hero faces his greatest fear, or even death.  The hero wants to give up, it looks impossible to complete the mission.  But success is just around the corner.

7.  The reward - the hero is able to push through the challenge and find success.  He has not only changed the world around, but changed himself.

In class, we created "Books of Awesome" to give our brains proof.  We have great value simply because we are children of God, but a book of awesome gives our brains tangible proof to fight the negative voices in our heads.  

If you missed class, we have a binder and some pages for you.  If you want to print out more pages, (copies of the ones you got, or additional pages), click HERE

(1)  Create your DRIVE statements.   Take CHARGE of your life and create who you are. 
(2)  Keep on WINning and adding PoWeR to your life. 
(3)  Brain book, chapter 9
(4)  Read "The Other Side of Heaven" by April 22. 

Remember, no class April 1 or April 8.  This is a GREAT time to get caught up if you are feeling behind.  Keep up on your goals!  I expect we will give out a lot of awards next time! 

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