Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 4, 2016 - Class #8

We had two students get 28 days for the SIXTH time today!  Woohoo!  And lots of others got 28 days again.  Check out the Hall of Fame!  And way to go to all those who completed the 14 day kindness challenge!  If you didn't do it, you still can.

Today we talked about ENERGY.  Energy means power, work or action that we get from using physical (our body) or chemical (our thoughts/feelings) resources.

Energy  - comes from Greek “en” (at) ergon (work /action/power) , but Aristotle actually said that “en” meant your existence.   So you could say it means the power of your existence.  “Being at work” or “A being of power”.  

In physics, energy comes in different forms, such as heat, sound and light.  Learn about light in this video, and ask how this relates to you and the gospel. (What is our source of light?  The sun/The Son?  What is your potential energy? How does physical movement affect your energy?)

We also talked about "the God Particle" or "Higgs-Boson particle" a bit.  This video explains it better than I did!  

The God particle explained

Higg's theory is that we live in a field of energy, and that these particles are found when you apply enough energy.  So some have said that you don't see these when you're not looking for them, which makes it quite a philosophical discussion! 

You create with your energy.  When you have negative energy, you are in a destructive mode. When you have positive energy, you create good.  How much will you let your light shine?  

Great Expectations

We have great expectations for you!

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