About Core Leadership

Mentors: Molly Christensen, Myra Johnson, Marlene Fletcher
Semester 1:  Eternal Warriors Training Program 

You’re a warrior in the spiritual battle of these last days. Satan is working overtime to distract you from your purpose here on earth. Do you keep trying and messing up? Or worse, do you give up even trying? Do you find it hard to discipline yourself to do the things you know you should do?
Don’t beat yourself up any more. It’s not because you’re a loser, you just need some new skills. In this class, you’ll be training to learn the skills the warriors of our day need to defeat the adversary. You’ll be taking on personally-selected goals to give your brain the proof that your spirit is in control and that you’re willing to be obedient to God. You will love the power that you will gain in this class. Out of class time should be less than thirty minutes a day, depending on the goals you choose.
Semester 2:  Brain Training Program
During second semester, you will keep honing your warrior skills. But this time we’ll add in more tools to super-train your brain, because that’s where the real battle is won. When enough of us win our battles, we will win the war. You’ll continue to learn new tools to take control of your own brain and learn your purpose. In addition to continuing your personal goals, you’ll also add in a weekly challenge (which will take more brain power than time.)
This class will be fun, hands-on, and life changing! This is not a required class but it is highly encouraged that you attend.  Please sign up for this class only if you are willing and ready to change, grow, and take action. Are you willing to get up and fight?

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