Friday, September 25, 2015

September 25, 2015 - Class #2

You are amazing warriors!  We are so impressed at how many of you took the challenge and succeeded already!  I'm certain the rest of you will get there too.  This isn't a competition between class members, but a way to develop ourselves at our own pace.  And we have teams to help encourage us all to get there!

Today, we learned that we have many different voices coming at us.  Young children are born with amazing self confidence, but somehow as we get older, we start to listen more and more to those negative voices and we begin to believe them.  To counteract that, we must focus on who we really are and the amazing power God has given us.  We learned how to do declarations - but we also learned that if want the message to get through to our brains so our brain will believe it, we must use repetition and intensity (through movement and tone) to get through the Reticular Activating System (the filter).

Try practicing your declarations on the back of your binder while looking at yourself in the mirror in the bathroom!

Next, we got into our companies and then broke up into teams.  You have some seriously powerful teams!  These teams are really going to help you get your goals.  Teams help us feel more connected with others, and motivated to do what we know we should.  Work on developing your team name and company cheers.

This week's homework:

  • Your 7 day challenge - Pray (morning/night) and Read (Book of Mormon) - if you finished that then, PWR goals. Be sure to track your progress! 

  • Think about what you want your PoWeR and WIN goals to be.  Email them to your captain if you want to get feedback.
  • Check out your teams - how can you help your team succeed? 

Friday, September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015 - Class #1

We are at war!  Whose side are you on? 

  • Pray and Read - 7 days in-a-row challenge.  Be sure to track your progress!
  • Think about what you want your PoWeR and WIN goals to be.  Write them on the page in your binder. 
  • Check out your teams - how can you help your team succeed?