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March 11, 2016 - Class #9

We still have many of you getting more 28 days!  Check out the Hall of Fame!  If you're not in there yet, you can do this!!  If you're only in there once, give your brain proof that you can keep going and do it again!

Today we talked about managing your energy.  There are basically four areas in which we manage our energy.  We learned about how these areas affected our energy and techniques to use in each area.  If you missed the handouts, they are on the Handouts Page.  

physical energy 
Your body feels physically good when you have this 
Techniques to increase:

  • eat good food
  • exercise
  • shower
  • move
  • dance
  • hugs 
  • hygienic care for your body  

purpose energy 
you feel fired up with purpose and passion 
Techniques to increase:  

  • good music
  • read scriptures
  • pray
  • small daily actions - 28 day goals 
  • service
  • listen and obey promptings
  • Temple, church
  • uplifting people, events 

focus energy 
you aren't distracted, you are moving ahead, you think good thoughts 
Techniques to increase focus: 

  • Set goals and work towards them 
  • Vision board 
  • 28 day goals 
  • Create a vision of who you want to become 
  • Manage your thoughts
  • Declarations
  • Read good books 
  • Inspiring quotes on the wall 
  • Good music 
Quality of your energy
You feel optimistic and positive.  You notice negative emotions, but you deal with them and choose happiness.  
Techniques to increase quality:   
  • Notice it, Name it, Find it, Flip it.
  • Prayer 
  • Journaling 
  • Gratitude 
  • Music 
TECHNIQUE:  Notice it, Name it, Find it, Flip it

(1) NOTICE IT - Notice what you are feeling.  Awareness is the first step.  What do you feel physically or physiologically happening in your body?  (tenseness, tightness, etc.)  

(2) NAME IT - Identify what the emotion is.  You are not bad if you have negative emotions.  You just need to recognize it objectively so you can deal with it.  “Oh, I am feeling frustrated now!” These feelings aren’t imaginary, they are legit.  You have good reasons.  But they are signal that something is out of alignment within you.  The mood will build up if you don't do something about it and you'll either dump it on other people, or stuff down in you.  If you dump it, that kills relationships with other people.  If you stuff it down, it's still there and will come out in some other way that you don't like.  Allow yourself to feel it, but don't let it stay.    

(3) FLIP IT - what is the opposite emotion?  Choose that mood to go into.  You can select several new emotions to have.  Say it to yourself in a present tense statement "I am happy!  I am positive!  I choose optimism!  If you ignore the feeling, it doesn’t go away.  

(4) FIND IT - Find the feeling inside of yourself.   Repeat the statements in #3 until you feel it, or maybe you need to say your declarations or meditate.

Happiness is a CHOICE you make.  

Journaling Technique   
We ALL experience negative emotions.  When you are experience a negative emotion you can try this technique as well.  Get a cheap notebook (NOT your power journal, because you will be destroying what you write.)  If you notice you are feeling annoyed, frustrated, or some other negative feeling, identify the feeling and then write at the top of a blank page:  "I am feeling frustrated because..."   Then write everything that comes to your mind.  Don't hold back!  You don't even have to write neatly or on the lines!  Just let it all come out.  Let all that meanness and negativity out.  This is safe, no one will see it and it won't be dumped on anyone else.  When you've finished venting, just take that paper and crumple it up into a ball.

You can now destroy it either by shredding it up and throwing it in the garbage or burning it (get parent permission first!).  While you destroy it, picture yourself handing it to the Savior and asking him to take it.  You can even say out loud, "I am letting this go, can you take it for me?"  Apologize to him and then ask for forgiveness.  Apologize to the person you were thinking negatively about and ask for forgiveness.  Apologize to yourself too and ask yourself for forgiveness as well.  He will do this, because that is why he died for us!  This is repentance and how you activate the power of the atonement in your life.  

Once you do this, you may want to write on a new page in your journal (can use the same notebook, or use your power journal for your daily journaling.)  Write asking for forgiveness, and ask what you are to learn from this.  What part did you play in this situation?  How can you do better? Then express GRATITUDE.

This is a very POWERFUL technique.  Try it!  

One thing I have found is that I often have feelings inside I don't even know are there.  So I just regularly journal on different feelings.  Try daily just picking a negative emotion and then writing "I feel disappointed (or other emotion) because..."  and see what comes out.  Follow the method above.  The more you can get the negative out, the more pure your light will become.

(1) Be aware of your feelings.  Try the Notice it, Name it, Flip it, Find it technique when you experience a negative emotion. 
(2) Try the journaling technique 
(3) What other areas can you do better in managing your energy?  Consider those when choosing new 28 days challenges.  

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