Friday, April 29, 2016

April 29, 2016 - Class #14

Way to go on many getting 28 days again!  We didn't have time to give out all the awards, but we did update the Hall of Fame!

We had an amazing "Flash Service" simulation today!  Each group of 4-6 kids got some cash and someone to drive them and went out to serve.  Everyone LOVED this activity and it was so fun to hear what everyone did at the end. Some of the services performed:

Gave out flowers brighten other's days

Wrote nice notes on post-its and gave them out with chocolate
Paid for people's food at fast food places
Got a hug from an elderly woman
Purchased food for homeless person
Purchased food for refugees
Purchased oranges for a friend
Got offer to go on a date with a lady's daughter
Purchased shoes for Ecuador earthquake donations
Donated extra money to Ecuador earthquake fund
Put change in a tip jar - without purchasing anything
Anonymously left money for someone
Prayed for inspiration and got some!

One of the most touching stories was of the boys who gave a flower and smiles to a lady.  The lady said thank, but a few minutes later returned to thank the boys.  She said she wanted to tell them how much she had needed that on this day.  Because you see, she was feeling very down because just a day earlier, her husband had passed away.

Everyone felt SO good serving and definitely wanted to do this activity again.  And you can!  You have great hearts with good desires.  As you listen to promptings of kindness, you can do this every day!

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