Friday, April 22, 2016

April 22, 2016 - Class #13

We are SO proud of you for becoming the people you are meant to be!  We had quite a few get 28 days again today. Check out the HALL OF FAME

Your challenge:  No matter how many 28 days you've already gotten, get one more set of 28 days before the end of MAY! (If you're really up to the challenge, do it by the banquet in 28 days from now.) 

Life’s Lessons are Heavenly Father’s accredited courses for celestial glory. As we are able to focus on what He’s trying to teach us and not limit ourselves by our current understanding based on past experiences, assumptions, fear and worry .. then this is when we can truly begin to create for ourselves, with Heavenly Father the outcomes that will help us to reach our fullest potential. 

This is a skill. This skill takes practice and time. This skill also has patterns. As we come to recognize the patterns, make connections of them in our own lives, and use eternal truths to govern our choices. Then  we are living, not just existing. 

Many people live most of their lives existing. Feeling like life is happening to them. They have no power to change or create what they want. 

Today start living, believing, seeing life as it really is .. and that is coming to know yourself, your divinity, your power, and your worth through Heavenly Father’s plan of eternal happiness. Then with this knowledge create, fulfill your life mission and become all that you're meant to be.  

We had a wonderful book discussion about “The Other Side of Heaven.”  If you haven’t finished it (or started it) - it is HIGHLY recommended!  I love this book the Other Side of Heaven because Brother Groberg shares intimate experiences in detail of how he came to know Heavenly Father loves him. is mindful of him and in the end, no matter how hard, scary, painful, embarrassing these experiences were after much humility, prayer and obedience these life’s lessons increased his understanding, his testimony which gave him courage to do those hard things. These experiences impacted the rest of his life because they contained eternal truths which equals eternal progression. And this my friends is the purpose of life, eternal progression.

After sharing some stories from the book, students wrote down a spiritual experience of their own.  They didn’t write their names, it was all anonymous.  Then we read several of the experiences to the class. This was such a powerful activity!  There is such GREATNESS in each and everyone one of you, and you do hear and recognize the spirit!  

You can read the experiences here:  SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES.

Heavenly Father loves you.  Your life has meaning and purpose, as we come to understand how He speaks to us, follow those inspirations, see life as an opportunity to learn and grow, not fail or succeed as Satan would have us believe, but with eternal truths & principles, using them as our compass to choose, we will fill the measure of our creation.

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