Friday, October 9, 2015

October 9, 2015 - Class #4

Wow!  We are so impressed at how well you are doing!  If you feel like you're struggling, you have a team to cheer you on.  And think about what it is that is holding you back.  Why aren't you doing it?  You can do this!  

We realize that some of you struggle with writing.  The goal is to just write SOMETHING, in a letter to Heavenly Father or to a future spouse.  This can just be a few words if that is all you can do.  Some other things you may want to try:  Copy a scripture or words to a hymn in your journal (those can be in a letter to Heavenly Father).  Or, if typing is easier, type it, print it and glue it in your journal.  Don't let it stop you, you can train your body to do what your spirit wants you to do.   


We are on the winning team - because we have bodies! 

Don't let those voices in your head tell you that you can't or you're not good enough.  Remember who you are, which is a son or daughter of God.  And because of that, you are enough! 

You are in that small percentage of people who sets goals and works towards them!  That is because you know who you are and because you are learning to focus your mind. 


(1) Find a quiet place where you can think, ponder and pray. 
(2)  List goals that will help YOU achieve what YOU want from yourself that will help you remember who you really are and discover your divine mission and purpose.  
--Even small goals that may not seem important can help you become who you want to be.  Any self-improvement goal where you must make your body act will help you! 
(3) Pick your top 6-9 goals.  3 should be Praying, Writing and Reading. 
(4) With your top choices, ask for each goal:
     What am I trying to accomplish with this goal? 

     Why is this important to me? 
(5)  Pray about this list of goals to know which are most important to choose now. 
(6)  Choose your 3 PWR goals and 3 WIN goals through inspiration. 

Make sure your goals are SMART goals.  Use the sheets you got in class today to determine if they are.  They need to be: 
Specific - "Be nice" is general.  "Give someone a compliment each day" is specific
Measurable - How do you know when you've completed them? 
Attainable - can you really do it?  
Relevant - Why is it important?
Timebound - How much, how long? 

WIN Goals should be something you do at least 4 times a week.  

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