Friday, October 16, 2015

October 16, 2015 - Class #5

We have a division of amazing warriors!  We had 10 reach the first challenge of getting 28 days (7 days of Pray/Read, 7 days of Pray,Write, Read and 14 days of WIN/PWR goals.)  Check out the Hall of Fame! 

Today we learned about a cycle we call the "Satanic Spin" because Satan can "flash" things into our brains to cause our chemicals to be "off" which leads to negative feelings and then negative thoughts.  This is good to notice so we can break that cycle and WIN our goals.  

You can see how this works with your brain with the hand model (see the video above.)  Your brain is made up of basically three parts:  The brain stem which keeps you alive/surviving, the limbic system which is where develop habits, and the frontal cortex, which is where you make decisions. The trick is to do those things to keep you in your prefrontal cortex, because that's where you remember your values.  If you allow negative emotions and thoughts to come up without stopping them, you may "flip your lid" and act in a way that doesn't line up with your values - and that's because you aren't in your prefrontal cortex anymore.  

What keeps you in your prefrontal cortex?  praying, reading your scriptures, writing, declarations, movement, music, working toward goals, etc.  That's why we do those things in class!  The more you choose to do those actions, the more power you will feel, so do them at home too!  


*Work on your PWR Goals.  Add your WIN goals by emailing your captain and starting if you're at that point!
*Notice how you are thinking and feeling during the week - especially the negative emotions and thoughts.   If you let that negative energy stay in you, you are being "spun" by Satan.    

*When you do an action to put you in your "prefrontal cortex", notice how that makes you feel.  Try writing your own list of activities you can do to get you in that positive energy, so you have a go-to list when you need it.  
*For a better description of the satanic spin, read the handouts that you got in class today, and fill in the worksheet from lesson #2.  The satanic spin chart is also on page 121 of your journal.

If you are missing any pages for your binder, you can find most of them on the HANDOUTS page.  

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