Friday, October 23, 2015

October 23, 2015 - Class #6

We have amazing students in our class, don't we?  This week, we had 8 more students finish the 28 day challenge.  See them in the HALL OF FAME

We can feel more positive energy in different places in the room. We also feel more good energy when we come on time.  Where will you sit next week to get the most out of class?

Are you putting on the whole armor of God?  Defeat those negative voices with your Valor Verses!  Because those negative thoughts are NOT you.  You are a warrior!

This week, we learned about the chemical scale.  The chemical scale is a measurement of how we think and feel.  This is important to notice in our lives, because as we pay attention, we can SEE how satan is trying to make us forget.  If we can recognize it in ourselves, we have power to do something about it.  That is empowering, because now you can change instead of blaming others or your circumstances. 

Level 0:  Peace, joy, the spirit - empowered
Level 1: Chemical Spill - "Eh" don't care, don't wanna (Physical reaction)
Level 2: Negative mood (Feelings) 
Level 3: Dude! You should..  rationalization (Words / First Thoughts)
Level 4: Irrational Conversation (More Words / Thoughts ) 
Level 5: Forget it moment (Actions) 

If you don't check yourself by the time you reach level 5, you will fall off the scale and go into the higher levels (6 means you lost a battle, 7 is numb, 8 is feeling guilty, 9 is shame, and 10 is repeat or repent.)  The higher you go on the scale, the more difficult it is to get back to 0.

Pay attention to what you are thinking and how you are feeling and see if you can tell where you are on the chemical scale.  If you lose a battle (you let yourself "forget it"), get back to 0 as quickly as possible.  We have been teaching you lots of ways for you to "get into the mood" as Layton put it (aka, back to level 0!)  

*Work on your PWR Goals.  Add your WIN goals by emailing your captain and starting if you're at that point!

*Pay attention to what you are thinking and feeling, and determine where you on on the chemical scale.  

*Make a list of actions that help you feel in the mood, raise your energy, feel empowered, puts in you in your "prefrontal cortex."  

If you are missing any pages for your binder, you can find most of them on the HANDOUTS page.  

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