Friday, October 31, 2014

November 6

Principle: Preparation, you reap what you sow, small and simple things bring about great things. Law of the Harvest.

Apprentice Inspirements:

1.  Revisit D&C 88:78-80 and read through it, paying special attention to the connection between verses 78-79 and verse 80.  Note how the first two verses relate to the education we are to obtain, and that verse 80 contains a promise. 
What is that promise?  What connections do you see between gaining education and being prepared to magnify the calling/mission you’ve been called to? 
Write your thoughts in your truth book.

2. Watch the following short videos (each are just a little over 9 min.) and consider your options and plans for furthering your own education, whether it includes college or something else:

Write your thoughts and plans/hopes for furthering your education in your truth book.
3. Read two short sections from Preach My Gospel chapter 8:
How to Set Goals pg 146
Accountability pg 150-151
    (Here is the link to this chapter on, you’ll just have to scroll through quite a bit of info before reaching these two short sections.)
-Consider how these two sections apply to you.

4. Begin memorizing Galatians 6:7-9. You have the month of November to memorize it.

Loving this? Remember, Journeyman and Master level inspirements are just below for those who want to do MORE. :)

Journeyman Inspirement:

Do the Personal Study section at the end of PMG chp 8 pg 152, but change the word “Missionary” to “High School Student” as follows:
    “Take a few moments and think about your final day of your high school preparation.  When that day comes:
    What do want to say you have accomplished as a high school student?
    What do you want to have become?
    What difference would you want others to notice in you?
In your truth book, write an answer to each of these questions. Determine what you need to do now to realize these goals. Write the plans that come to mind."

Master Inspirement: 

Interview 2-3 adults that you admire (at least one should be a non-family member) and ask them the following question: “Looking back on your life, and especially your high school (and college years - if applicable,) what do you wish you would have done differently to prepare for adulthood?”
Ponder their responses and consider what things in your life you may find hard to do or follow through with (or perhaps things you haven’t even considered) that perhaps you will one day wish you had done. Write the thoughts and inspiration that come to you in your truth book.

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