Friday, November 7, 2014

November 13

Principle: Preparation, you reap what you sow, small and simple things bring about great things. Law of the Harvest.

Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master Inspirements:
1.  The inspirements for this week are a little different.  This week we will continue to work on the inspirements from last week, working to complete more of them. It would be great for everyone to do all of them. (If you've already finished them all, just go on to this next thing.)

2.  In class I told you that I had asked a bunch of adults this question:
"Looking back on your life, and especially your high school (and college years - if applicable,) what do you wish you would have done differently to prepare for adulthood? Also, you could flip the question and tell me things you did that you were so glad you did!"
Many adults responded to the question and they have given really terrific insights! **Please print these off, read through them, discuss them with your parents, consider them, and see what inspiration you receive about your own plans and preparation for your future. Write your thoughts in your truth book.

  You will be SO glad you did this!


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