Friday, October 17, 2014

October 23

Principle: You have purpose and God-given missions to fulfill in your life.

The inspirements for Core Leadership are a little different this week.

All levels – Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master Scholar – should complete all four activities. (See below)  If you are a Journeyman or Master scholar, take additional time to prayerfully ponder the assignments. Write any additional insights you receive in your truth book.

NOTE:  For Those Who Missed Class (Oct 16), here’s what we did in class. (The inspirements are below.)

We did an activity in class that I'd like you to do at home. Please take at least 10 to 15 minutes and ponder the following questions in your truth book. Then move on to the inspirements for this week.

“When I was a little kid (ages 5 to 9), what did I like to do?”

“When I have free time, what do I like to do now?”

After you have considered these two questions, review what you have written. What spiritual gifts do you see? Look for both the obvious gifts as well as the subtle gifts.

For example, if you like to gather the neighborhood kids together for a pickup basketball game, an obvious gift might be that you are good at basketball. Less obvious gifts might be the ability to inspire others to join an activity, the ability to encourage others to do their best, or the desire to improve skills in an activity you enjoy.


    1. If you have received it, prayerfully read your patriarchal blessing. In your truth book, list spiritual gifts that are mentioned or implied.
    If you have not received your patriarchal blessings, prayerfully consider if you should begin the process to receive it.
    2. Ask 3 to 5 people (at least two outside of your home) “Tell me about a moment when you saw me at my best.” Write the answers in your truth book.
    3. List your five favorite books and five favorite movies in your truth book. What are some common themes that you see in the stories that you listed? Write down these themes and any thoughts you have about them.
    4. Every day, others around you need help. Because you are a unique person, you will notice certain needs more than others. Think back to times when you have helped, or wished you could have helped others. Write about two or three of these situations in your truth book. Do you see any common themes? Write about what you notice.

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