Friday, December 4, 2015

December, 4 2015 - Class #11

Yay!  More 28 dayers!  Check out the amazing youth in the Hall of Fame.  Not there yet?  You're amazing too, but keep going and give your brain some proof of that by finishing your 28 days!  You can do it!

This week, pay attention to physiological changes in your body.  That occurs when you think or feel something.  You  may not have even noticed this!   We can feel physical changes when we watch something that remind us of who we are, such as the Because of Him video.   Satan can cause physical changes in our bodies too, by giving us "flashes" that trigger negative thoughts or feelings. We don't even notice this, but they do cause slight changes in our bodies.  Notice the changes in our bodies - they are really good at giving us signals.

If you don't pay attention, you can start drifting away from your goals and you don't even notice. What activities cause you to drift?  In the scriptures, it tells us that we need to stay awake.  This means that we need to stay spiritually awake - we need to remember who we really are.  Our spirits are who we really are, not our bodies.  Our bodies want comfort, our spirits want to do what is right and be amazing!   When you're in your comfort zone, you aren't really comfortable because you KNOW you're not living up to your potential.  You're drifting.  Do good things out of your comfort zone every day.

We also learned how we are like a bottle of pop.  Satan may come by, give us a flash (or a shake) which triggers some thoughts or feelings. We'll also have a physiological reaction before that.  If we an notice when the shake first happens, we can stop it.  But if we don't we'll keep getting shakes until we blow up.  Notice this, and notice what is triggering you.  

We must be VIGILANT! Remember, the word vigilant comes from the Latin word meaning "keep awake" How do we do this?  With our PWR goals and by doing things that remind us of who we are and activate our warrior chemistry.

You are not a lazy person.  You are not pathetic, stupid, or a loser.
You ARE amazing, and you are enough to be a warrior.  
All you have to do is choose it.  

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