Friday, November 20, 2015

November 20, 2015 - Class #10


Thanksgiving Break! 

Keep going on your goals, and report 14 days the next time we meet! 

More people have gotten 28 days and have been added to the Hall of Fame!  Woohoo! Keep up the good work.  If you aren't feeling motivated, try some of the things we do in class to GET motivated!  

How will you create your day? What attitude are you going to choose - no matter what happens? How will you create happiness today?

Power of Positivity: Brain Games (3:11 min)

Power to Turn a Negative to a Positive (2:50min)

Power of a Smile (0:59)

Create Your Day ~ Be Happy #5 (3:52)

Are you just drifting along?  How do you know when you are drifting away?

Have you heard these voices:  "It's _____ fault!"  or "I don't care, it's dumb anyway."
Have you felt grumpy or out of sorts and everything bugs you?

How soon can you notice where you are on the chemical scale?  Can you train your body to realize when your brain is being altered?

Emotions and thoughts can cause Physiological Reactions  (physical reaction due to chemical shifts in your brain/body - which can be caused by your thoughts and emotions.)

Because of Him (2:44min)

What physiological reactions do you get when you watch this video?  Pay attention to your body, notice the physical things you can feel.

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