Friday, November 6, 2015

November 6, 2015 - Class #8

Woohoo!  Lots of people add to the Hall of Fame today!  AND, Blue Team Girls rock!  Their whole team has gotten 28 days, so everyone in the whole class gets Frosties next week.  If you're not there yet, PLEASE don't give up.  You can do this!  

This week, we learned about Warrior Chemistry. Warrior chemistry is our antidote to the chemical spills that happen when we get satanic flashes.  It's what motivates us to move for what is right.  When we have our warrior chemistry activated, it moves us to action to do what is right.  We are determined to succeed, we love others!

Heavenly Father created males to be the protectors and guardians of His daughters and children. Notice if you are feeling annoyed with any females or little kids in your life!  Females were created to be compassionate nurturers of children.  Notice when you aren't feeling compassionate! 

How do you activate your warrior chemistry when you notice yourself starting to go down the chemical scale?  

Get up and move 
PWR actions 
Visualize yourself as a warrior 
Inspirational videos (Check out this website!)
Write or say WHY you are fighting
Say out loud that you are a warrior! 
Strike a power pose
Cheer for someone
Serve someone (Especially women and children if you're a guy, anyone if you're a girl)

What else can you think of?  


*Work on your PWR Goals.  Add your WIN goals by emailing your captain and starting if you're at that point!

*Make a list of ways to activate your warrior chemistry for when start feeling yourself going down on the scale.  Then do them!    

*Make sure you read your weekly email from your captain and follow what you need to do there.  

If you are missing any pages for your binder, you can find most of them on the HANDOUTS page 

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