Friday, December 11, 2015

December 11, 2015 - Class #12

Still have people getting 28 days, and today, some completed their THIRD set of 28 days.  See them in the HALL OF FAME.  Don't worry if you haven't gotten your first challenge yet, just keep at it!  You WANT this!  You are going to WIN!   

HOMEWORK:  Don't forget to get the book,"You Have a Brain" by Ben Carson.  Read it by January 15! 

Heavenly Father created a plan. We were not sent down here on earth without a plan, Heavenly Father has set an example of the importance of a plan. May we follow His plan. May we create a plan with Heavenly Father to win our daily battles, (border patrol, bttle strategy, flagpole drills, checkpoints).


ACT - Strategy to win
Access - How do I feel? (biochemical warfare engaged)  What do I    
Combat phase
  • Engage PLAN - remember the enemy, remember who I am, remember why am I fighting, be determined to win
Tell or Thanks

OPERATION PLAN I’m Prepared - ready to win (aka flagpole drill)
  • Pray &
  • Leave - get my radio device (prayer) talk with my captain (Heavenly Father).
  • Adhere to my battle strategies with exactness and urgency.
  • Never give up!!

Battle Strategy 
Help me to return to Zero

  • Remember why I am fighting - say a declaration
  • Breathe for Peace - counting down 3,2,1,0
  • Do relaxation technique or ignite warrior chemistry
  • Make a “Warrior Up” Playlist
  • Dance or increase heart rate
  • Listen to the Holy Ghost
  • Follow the promptings with exactness & urgency
  • Passion Project
  • Ponderizing

Border Patrol
Morning Prayer (report for duty)
Checkpoint / flagpole drill
Checkpoint / flagpole drill
Return & Report (nightly prayerful planning for tomorrow)

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