Monday, September 1, 2014


Hey there, welcome to Core Leadership Class!
Here are a few things you ought to know before class starts this Thursday:
  1. Bookmark this blog and have it handy. Refer to it each week. This is where your Inspirement assignments will be posted each Friday. You will need to check the blog, see what the assignments are, and do them in preparation for class the next week. The blog posts are titled for the date of the class you are preparing for.
  2. Inspirement? Is that even a word? Well, technically no. But it is now! It is a perfect word for what we want the assignments in this class to be for you - tools of inspiration. The idea is that as you work through each inspirement you will learn truth and feel inspired about the principle we are studying.
  3. We respect your agency to learn. No one is going to make you do the inspirements. But by signing up for this class you have signified that you choose to actively participate, which includes doing the inspirement assignments. You should plan on about an hour a week to work on the Apprentice inspirements. If you choose to do the Journeyman or Master level inspirements then you'll want to set aside more time. But don't worry - we think they will be fun! Coming to class prepared with complete inspirements will be not only be vital to your success, but to the success of the entire class. When people show up unprepared the entire learning environment suffers. If you regularly choose to not do the inspirements, you may be invited to drop the class until you are ready to do the work.
  4. Like our name says, we will be focusing on the core principles of leadership. You were sent on the earth to lead out in one way or another to make the world a better place. Good leaders base their action on true principles. Each month we will study one of these core principles of leadership. You will be invited to see how these principles relate to all areas of study.
Ok, I think that's it. We are so looking forward to our time together in Core Leadership Class.

Sister LaRayne Miller and Sister Myra Johnson

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