Friday, September 12, 2014

September 18

Principle: The true pathway of education is to acquire knowledge, act in understanding, and become intelligent.

Inspirement Assignments: In preparation for our class on September 18th, everyone completes Apprentice Inspirements. Starting this week you are all invited to accept the challenge to do a little more as you choose. Stretch yourself.

Apprentice Inspirements:

  1. Continue memorizing D&C 88:78-80
  2. Read this article by President Hinckley. Record your thoughts about what President Hinckley says about learning in your Truth Book. What are some of your favorite quotes? Write them in your Truth Book. List the things you feel inspired to do after reading this article.
  3. Make a list in your truth book of some of the things you love to learn about. Then make a list of some of the things you have yet to learn about. Isn't it fun to realize that there is SO MUCH TO LEARN IN THIS WORLD?

See below for Journeyman and Master level inspirements. They build on each other. Do the Apprentice work, then add the Journeyman if you choose, and then build Master onto that.


Loving this? Do the Journeyman Inspirement below:
Journeyman Inspirement:
  • Do you understand what a principle is? Watch this video where Audrey Rindlesbacher explains how to discern opinion from principle. What are some central principles you live your life by? List them in your Truth Book.

Want more challenge? Do the Master Inspirement:

Master Inspirement:
  • From your list of central principles (from Journeyman inspirement above), or from the principles listed in our ASA philosophy, choose one principle you would like to be better at living and actively practice it this week. Write about your experience in your Truth Book and come prepared to teach us about it in our class. Please let Sister Miller know you would like a couple minutes to do this in class.

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