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February 12, 2015 - Class #5

Congrats to our 28 day-ers! We had 8 this week add to the Hall of Fame! Thanks to Taylor for being such a good sport in our demonstration and to Andrew for making it happen. Why are you fighting? Who is your team? Satan’s Isolation: Negative Self Talk
-- What voices do you hear?
-- Find it / Flip it

Here’s what Satan doesn’t want us to know or believe.
-- What’s your take a way?
-- How long before Chy started to become her normal self?
-- What can you personally do?

We are all on the same team. God’s team. Our team is winning. We have to decide are we going to stay on the winning team?
-- Brandon said while taking the missionary discussions Spencer was always by his side, answering questions.
-- What’s the power of one individual? Brandon said he knows that I’m a leader now.
-- You are a leader too. God wants you to lead something. If that be leading yourself with good choices, being an example or reaching out to others.

Let's take a moment. Realize you are not alone in this journey. You make a difference.
  • Ask yourself -- What does God want me to do today or throughout the week?
  • I will --

Look at the questions in the lower right hand corner. If you have time take a moment to answer those questions. Don’t rush the process. Feel what the spirit is trying to tell you, what God is trying to tell you.

Reach out to leaders of your team -
-- Who are your leaders?
Parents, Church leaders (adult/youth), Mentors here at ASA, Student
        Council, Adult family members  

Reach out to fellow teammates
-- Who are your teammates?
   Friends, siblings,

Let other teammates help you
-- How can they help?
-- How can you help? - More often than not, when we are serving others, it’s not about that person, it’s really about us.
-- How we get to discover our potential, our greatness, our purpose
-- When we make a difference for one person, it’s never one person because as you can see in Brandon’s story - he baptized someone else. As you can see with Chy -- hundreds of people were affected, not just those directly involved but those who saw it first hand, while it was happening and now possibly millions as we hear their story on social media and the news. People all over the world felt something by their example and a little said was planted to do good.

-- Here’s the big question -- what are you going to do? Look at your paper. Is this going to be just another Friday at ASA or will you go home and follow through with what you wrote.
-- And if you didn’t write anything. Will you remember what you felt here.
-- Will you have the courage to ask? Heavenly Father what would you have me do today?

May we remember, we are never alone. Heavenly Father is with us always. We matter. You matter and together we can share with others they matter too. Live your life today, as a member of God's team. Let your light shine and go do something good!

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