Friday, January 22, 2016

January 22, 2016 - Class #2

Congrats to our 4 people who got 28 days this week!  They are in the Hall of Fame!  

Today we learned about Vision Boards!  Vision boards are a great system to help you learn to focus on your goals.  The homework is to get your vision board up on the wall by Feb 5! (That's two weeks to get it done, but you don't have to wait until the last minute. 

Steve Harvey and Vision Boards 

Principles of Vision Boards 

Think of things you want (dreams, goals, it makes you happy, it solves problems)

Create a frame around your goals 

Make sure your goal is specific and measureable so you know when it is done.  

Set it up with 9 squares (see this page for ideas)

Print out pictures at  You can include words if you want. 

Look at your vision board - the more often you do, the quicker it will come.  

Visualize yourself having this goal.  If you can "see" it, you can believe it.  And if you can believe it, you can get it.  See yourself in your mind's eye as if it has already happened.  Add emotion (how will it feel?) and the 5 senses (touch, taste, smell, see, hear the object or yourself doing it - insofar as possible.)  

Keep it simple, it doesn't have to look perfect! 

Try some smaller goals, some medium ones, and large, and one extra large goal.

Take baby steps - sometimes goals are so big they are completely unbelievable.  Instead of putting "Get 1 billion dollars" put get $100 or $1000.   Before I got my $10,000 goal, I had gotten some smaller money goals.  Before I ran a half, I had run a 5K.  

You don't have to know how you will get it.  (In fact, sometimes when you know how, it  can slow you down!) 

When you look at your vision board, ask questions like "What do I need to know or do to get this?"  And then LISTEN to the answer and do it. 
Put your successes in your "Book of Awesome" binder.  

You were saved for this time.  This is  your WHY!

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