Friday, January 9, 2015

January 22

Principle:  Work hard, have passion, be a finisher, and be involved.
Spend 1 hour to accomplish the work of an Apprentice.
Spend 1 1/2 hour to accomplish the work of a Journeyman.
Spend over 2 hours to accomplish the work of Master.
Here is the Challenge: 

(1) Write your "50 Goals in 5 years" list.  List 50 things you want to do in the next 5 years.  Write fast and do not make judgments about whether you can or will actually accomplish these things, just write down what you’d like to do. Bring this paper to class Jan 22, and then find a safe place to keep it.  

(2) Write your definition of success.  What does success mean to you?  How will you know when you're successful?  Ponder this question and brainstorm some ideas.  Then write a one-sentence definition of what success means to you.  Mine is "Success is listening to what God wants me to do, and then doing it."  

(3)  Email me. Send an email to Sister Christensen at that includes your definition of success and that you completed writing your 50 goals list.  

What percentage of you will complete this challenge?  Will it be more than 2% (1!) of you?  I'm betting we'll have a MUCH higher percentage.  (Do you have any control over the percentage of people who completes this challenge?) 

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