Friday, December 5, 2014

Preparation for Dec. 11th

December's Principle:

Hope, Being Positive, and having Vision

Spend 1 hour to accomplish the work of an Apprentice.

Spend 1 1/2 hour to accomplish the work of a Journeyman.

Spend over 2 hours to accomplish the work of Master.

After spending time studying about these principles (see below), answer these questions in your Truth Book:

  1. How are these 3 principles (Hope, being Positive, and having Vision) related?
  2. What does having HOPE have to do with your divine purposes and life mission?
  3. Why is staying POSITIVE important in relation to fulfilling your mission and reaching your greatest potential?
  4. Why should you have a life VISION? How could that benefit you and propel you towards your dreams?
  5. Why would it be important to write down that life vision, record yourself saying it, and listen to your vision everyday?

Learn all you can about HOPE, including the following resources:

Learn all you can about being POSITIVE, including the following resoures

  • Watch this video about the power of words upon water.
  • Watch this video by Hillary Weeks about the power of words.
  • Watch this Mormon Message video, Come What May and Love It.
  • Conduct the Rice Experiment yourself . Here are some instructions. Give it a try for a few weeks. Bring it to class and share your results!

Learn all you can about having VISION
  • Read this article from Deseret News from a recent BYU Devotional or listen to the devotional itself here.
  • Start thinking about your vision for your life. What do you want to become and accomplish for the year 2015? For the next 5 years? For your whole life? Remember to NOT dismiss impossibilities - things that seem way beyond the scope of your reach. Dream! Imagine! Think of the Possibilities! Nothing is impossible with God! What are some of your greatest desires for your life???
  • The following resource is a great place to get started thinking about your life vision: How to Create your Life's Vision




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